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You know you don’t have to don a cape and cowl to change lives and save the day.

Get us in touch with your tribe, your organizations, your media contacts, and help us spread awareness.  Then, help us reach our goal of providing sustainable shelter services for the human beings who need our help the most to break free of their bonds, both physical and emotional.  Contact us to find out more, or click on through and be a hero now!

Become a member of the Wayne Foundation TEAM, and set up a recurring donation for $10, $25, $50 a month.

We don’t all have the resources of a Wayne. Giving us what you can makes you more of a hero!  Click once, donate once.  Then come back and do it again.

Give and get:
The Wayne Foundation is proud to be supported by Just Coffee Cooperative.

“Every time we buy something we support the system that was used to get it to us. We want to get you the best tasting cup of coffee imaginable and to transparently show you where it came from, who grew it, and how your choice affects them in a real way. Through a total commitment to complete quality– from the farmer to final cup– we continue to redefine how the coffee industry can work.” – JCC

JCC donates $1 to us for every bag of The Wayne Foundation Blend and the Smoffee blend you buy! Perfect for your favorite detective and those late night stakeouts.

The Wayne Foundation Blend (dark roast)
coffee new
Smoffee Blend (light roast)

Be sure to visit our eBay store, and tell eBay we are your favorite organization! There’s all kinds of interesting finds and cool collectibles too.  Sell some loot for us, or donate directly!

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