Board of Directors


Jamie Walton – Mrs. Walton is a survivor, and advocate for victims of human trafficking. She has an accomplished career in accounting/auditing, and is certified in nonprofit management. Co-founder of The Wayne Foundation.

Kevin Smith -Writer, Director, Actor, Podcaster, and Philanthropist are just a few of the accolades that describe Mr. Smith. Co-founder of The Wayne Foundation.

William Bittner – Mr Bittner is a semi-retired financial director and accounting expert. His experience ranges from a career with Pepsi, Co to advising small business owners.

Dr. John Fite – Dr. Fite is a clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience treating trauma and addiction issues. During that time, he has worked both in private practice and in treatment centers, hospitals, prisons, halfway houses, and schools with a very diverse group of individuals including children, adolescents, and adults from all walks of life. Dr. Fite also has previous experience as the executive director of a halfway house from homeless boys.